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سارع بالتسجيل للعام الدراسي الجديد

School fest showcases young talent

JEDDAH: A wide spectrum of talent was staged at at Mahd Al Uloom International School (MISJ) Arts Festival in Jeddah.
Indian Consul Mohammad Raghib Qureshi, speaking as the chief guest, said: “The value-based education is required for the creation and sustenance of peaceful world in the current scenario of chaos and turmoil.”
The day witnessed an active participation of students from the various blocks. The students put up a display of performances that comprised activities, including Saudi folk fusion, duff, kitchen orchestra, cultural medley, qawwali, Malabar folk Mappilapattu, elocution, poetry recitation, group songs and a special quiz contest for parents.
The program began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. School Superintendent Mansoor Ali welcomed the gathering and Principal Abdulla presided.
Guest of Honor Hussain Saqafi, Chullikkode, vice chancellor of Jamia Markaz, Kozhikode, stressed the importance of education in the light of Holy Qur’an as it is the strongest weapon in the hands of people, which could always transform world to the virtue and righteousness.
Members of the school board of directors, Mujeeb A.R. Nagar, Abdu Raheem, and Operations Manager Yahya Khaleel Noorani also spoke. Abdul Rauf, member of the school board, presented a memento to the chief guest.
Students were awarded trophies and certificates by the chief guest.

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